Best-ever August sales for Kia

POSTED: 16/09/2021




  •     Another record month for Kia sees market share grow to 5.2 per cent year-to-date
  •     Top-selling Kia Sportage the most popular in its segment again
  •     Kia’s eco market share grows to 6.8 per cent
  •     e-Niro remains second most popular EV in August

Kia UK Limited’s market share has grown once more with record sales in August, latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show.

Kia’s market share swelled to 6.4 per cent in the month with 4,329 units registered, compared to 4.79 per cent in August 2020. Year-to-date, Kia has seen its market share rise to 5.2 per cent in August with 57,435 units registered, up from 4.62 per cent the same period last year, thanks to strong performances from its appealing model range – including an increased demand for the company’s hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric car models.

The Sportage model proved once again to be the most sought after model in its class (C-SUV) during the month, placing fourth most popular of any make or model with 1,355 units registered and continuing its firm position amongst the top ten models for the year-to-date.

With demand increasing for eco vehicles, Kia ranked in seventh place overall for the month (5.8 per cent) and fourth year-to-date, with an eco-market share of 6.8 per cent YTD. This was largely thanks to the Niro family (982 units MTD) that continued Kia’s established position as a leader in electrification. Joining the Sportage in the popularity rankings, the Niro family also proved to be the third best-selling C-SUV in August.

Kia has beaten its own BEV sales records every month of the year so far. In August, the e-Niro ranked as the second best-selling EV in the month, with 513 units and a 6.9 per cent market share (year-to-date: 7,124 sales, 7.7 per cent market share).

Paul Philpott, President and CEO at Kia UK Limited said: “The latest sales figures prove that our dealer partners are able to offer customers reliable, eco focused and generously-specified vehicles that are more appealing than ever. It’s fantastic to see the Sportage continuing to sit at the top of its segment too, despite entering its final few months on sale before its exciting all-new replacement arrives next year. We are immensely proud of our pioneering eco vehicle range, which will soon be strengthened further with the addition of the EV6 and all-new Sportage.”

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